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I am not one that is good at talking about myself but I imagine that there are some of you out there that would be interested in knowing a little bit about me and why I shoot photos. My name is Darrell Klein and I am a photographer. I live about 25 miles east of Nashville, Tennessee. Photography is a hobby for me, not a profession. I think my main reason for photographing is to share with people like you what it is that I see. With my photography, I aim to make you look at things that you might not normally look at and would be even less likely to consider beautiful. Whether or not I am able to make these ordinary objects look beautiful, I hope that I can at least get you to take a second look at them and hear the stories that only a photograph can tell. Hopefully I will be successful at least part of the time and you will feel the need to come back and visit often.

If you would like to contact me, please do so at contact@photosbydk.com

You can follow me on Twitter at:  twitter.com/darrellklein

Also, be sure to check out some of the blogs that I like to visit myself:

Walking Turcot Yards by neath

Shaggy Dog Pix

Pretend Photography by Joseph Buffett

The Landscapist by Mark Hobson

Different Perspective by Sean Kinney

Photo Musings by Paul Butzi

Words by Joe Reifer

Singular Images by Doug Stockdale

The Online Photographer

47 Photo Project by Rich Harris


2 comments on “About Me/Contact”

  1. Hey Darrell

    I just read your Blog and looking for info on getting the Rokkenhorse demo songs.

    Please contact me by e-mail jsokoloski7 @hotmail.com

    I do have one song called Crazy Horses and looking for others especially She Rode A Harley.



  2. Darrell,

    Hi, nice to meet you… I wanted to write you tonight and tell you that I stumbled across your photography and loved it!

    Early tonight, I was searching for a picture of nashville to use on my myspace, since I don’t have an album cover. I cam across one of your photos and didn’t realize that you had a whole website full of photographs from nashville.

    I was curious if you would be willing to allow me to use a few of your photographs with some songs I have written? I have one up currently… but will take it down if you are opposed to the idea… now I don’t get alot of traffic… but I would also be more then willing to put up some sort of advertisement for your photography as well.

    Let me know. Again, amazing work.


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