My new photo book is now available for purchase

By: Darrell Klein

Feb 26 2010

Category: Art, photography

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Today is a very exciting day for me.  My first photo book has been published and is available for purchase via  To find my book on the site, please follow the link here:  The book is an 8″ x 10″ hardcover containing 40 pages.  There are 36 of my photos included in this primer to my artistic photography.  Most of the photos in the book were taken in and around my hometown area of Nashville, Tennessee.  There are also photos included from Spokane, Washington and Wallace, Idaho.  The book is available for an introductory purchase price of $44.95.

With the current economic situation, I realize that $44.95 is not as easy to come by as it used to be.  Believe me, as someone that has been without full-time employment for over a year, I know.  It was my goal to make this book a reasonable way to purchase and enjoy a significant amount of my work.  This is why I chose 36 of what I feel are some of my most powerful images.  Please know that your support of my work has been and always will be greatly appreciated.  Please also keep in mind that any of the images included in the book are available for purchase as loose prints or matted and framed prints.  Please send me an e-mail to: for more details.


Darrell Klein

Photos By DK

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