Abandonment at the Industrial Park – new series

By: Darrell Klein

Nov 11 2008

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo: Abandonment at the Industrial Park #1 – Nashville, Tennessee

Well, it has been quite some time since I have had anything to say here on this blog. I had this noble idea that I should just let my photography do the talking for me. I have noticed that the comments have dried up lately and this is almost certainly because it would probably seem like talking to a brick wall. I hope to change that. I am interested in having conversations with my viewers/readers. I would like to know what is on your mind photography wise. I am certainly interested to hear what you think about what I am doing with my photography.

Recently, I have been posting pictures from a series of photos titled Autumn on Harkreader. I have been using my cell phone camera for these photos. My point in doing this project was to try to prove (to whom I’m not sure) that good photographs could be taken with a low quality camera. Perhaps it would be better to say that I was trying to prove that it is not the camera that makes the picture good. This of course is a very subjective thing. What constitutes a good photograph is largely determined by the bias of the viewer and the preconceived ideas they bring with them. I am fully aware that many viewers of these images will see them as crappy images taken with a poor quality camera that are not worthy of a second look.

I can definitely say that I have been pleased with the results of the Autumn on Harkreader project. I feel that these images are as powerful as anything I have shot with my “good” camera. It has reinforced my belief that cameras do not make photographs or photographers great any more than good pots and pans make a great chef.  Don’t worry, I have not put the “good” camera away forever. I will be using it this weekend as my wife and I head to the mountains for the weekend. However, I now know that as long as I have my cell phone with me, I have no excuse not to capture anything that presents itself to me at a time when I do not have prime equipment with which to shoot. You should try it yourself sometime. The results might surprise you.

Now, I would like to hear from you.  In what ways are you experimenting with your photography?  Is there something you have wanted to try that you have not allowed yourself the freedom to yet?

2 comments on “Abandonment at the Industrial Park – new series”

  1. Now you’ve piqued my interest and I will try to get some good shots out of my phone as well. Although that will do little do dispell the fact that I’m a total novice and not very talented, I will enjoy it none the less.

  2. You know Darrell, I majored in Photography & Art in College. I love photography, but you probably remember that about me…I had no idea your love for it too! Fantastic “eye” in all your work…lol, I am the King of great photos with low quality cameras! lol. Go to my My Space under “PICS”, the My art & photography section. You might wanna look at the other sections like Bands & such, lol…you might be taken back in time Mr. Klein ( Rokkenhorse Mach III & IV Bassist ) extraordinaire.

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