I’m gonna pay for this one.

By: Darrell Klein

Sep 24 2008

Category: Art, Image, photography


My Wife’s Foot – Franklin, Tennessee

I am going to be in a lot of trouble for posting this image but I am running desperately low on blog material.  Please forgive me dear.  I think I made your foot look quite well I must say.


3 comments on “I’m gonna pay for this one.”

  1. Well, if you get in enough trouble you’ll have something new to blog about.

  2. OH! YOU ARE SO IN TROUBLE!!!!!!!!! You running low on blog material is no excuse for my foot looking massive on a computer screen and it looks a bit deformed too! Thanks… you owe me big for this one. I’m thinking that my compensation could be a new charm for my pandora!

    At least it was a cute sock, fun day!

  3. Darrell, you’ve got it all wrong. You DIDN”T make her foot look good, her foot made YOUR pic look good!!!

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