Take me with you when you go.

By: Darrell Klein

Jun 17 2008

Category: Art, Image, photography


Photo: Take Me With You – Fort Morgan, Alabama

I went for a walk on the beach yesterday morning and I was amazed at how much trash I saw. While some of it had probably washed ashore from who knows where, it was obvious that much of it was left behind by people that had been fishing or enjoying other activities. A word entered my mind as I saw this garbage:

patriot |ˈpātrēət|
1 a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors.

This word seems to get tossed around quite a bit these days and will no doubt be overused as we enter the election this fall. How can we vigorously support our country if we don’t love our country enough to keep it clean? There is more to patriotism than putting a bumper sticker on a car and barking at anyone that doesn’t share your political views.


3 comments on “Take me with you when you go.”

  1. Good message. I pick up this kind of crap all the time from beautiful trails up the coast here in CA all the time….it’s a bummer.

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