Now in stock…new images!

By: Darrell Klein

May 05 2008

Category: Art, Image, photography

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Photo:  Splat – Providence, Tennessee

As many of you regulars have noticed, I have not been posting quite frequently as I once had.  The main reason for this is that I have not had as many new photos to share.  Until this past Saturday, I had not taken any new photos in quite a number of days.  I am embarrassed to say exactly how many.

Overall, it felt good to get out there once again.  However, it was a struggle at times.  I don’t remember having to work so hard, relative to the number of images captured, in quite some time.  I suppose I had to knock a pretty good layer of rust off before I found my rhythm.  Since I now have a modest stock of new images, I hope to be able to post more frequently.  Thanks as always for your continued support of my photographic efforts.

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