It will never look the same again.

By: Darrell Klein

Feb 09 2008

Category: Art, Image, photography

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Photo: Destruction #1 – Jackson, Tennessee

The photos I have shown in my last two posts on this blog were shots of what happens when someone decides that a house is not useful any longer and its time has come. This photo shows what happens when Mother Nature decides that it is her turn.

My wife’s parents live in Jackson Tennessee. We are visiting them this weekend. Many of you may have heard that the city of Jackson was hit this past Tuesday by a tornado. This tornado hit Union University which is just across the Highway 45 Bypass from the Belle Meade neighborhood where my wife’s parents live. They were lucky that their house suffered very little damage. However, many of their neighbors weren’t so lucky. This shot was taken at the end of the block on the street where my in-laws live. I was amazed at just how selective this tornado seemed to be. I saw several instances today where a house that was thoroughly and almost completely destroyed sat next to a house that had only minor cosmetic damage.

When you see just what a storm like this is capable of, you are reminded just why it is that you grab your loved ones and lock yourselves in the hall bathroom to take cover. Amazingly, with all of the destruction in this and other neighborhoods and especially the damage to the dorms at Union University, no one in Jackson lost their life as a result of this tornado.


One comment on “It will never look the same again.”

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