Toy or tool?

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 28 2008

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography

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Photo: Visual Noise – Gladeville, Tennessee

Like the image in my previous post, this one was take with my toy digital camera. I call this camera a toy because that is what some people call cameras that are inexpensively made and do not sport the best image quality. However, I am finding that this camera can be quite the creative tool.

First of all, this camera is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket so it is quite easy to take it anywhere. Second, it has expanded the way I see images. This is due to the fact that the types of images that look stunning with a quality camera can end up looking quite boring when take with the toy. I have also found that the reverse can be true. There is also some fun created in the fact that this camera will take you back to the film days where you do not get that instant gratification after clicking the shutter. This is due to the fact that this toy camera doesn’t have a LCD screen for image review.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not putting the “good” camera away anytime soon. However, I would be kidding myself if I committed to taking it with me everywhere I go. At least I have no excuses for not having the toy camera with me. Hopefully this will increase the number of times I am able to shoot this year.


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