Playing with my new toy

By: Darrell Klein

Dec 30 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Tag Me Green – Nashville, Tennessee

I went out today with my new 0.3 megapixel toy camera. This camera was sold in Target stores during the holidays for $20. I waited until after Christmas and snagged one for $10 on clearance. However, I got the last one so I had to settle for one without an instruction booklet. I have had similar cameras before so I know pretty well how they operate.

The other toy cameras I have had all had their drawbacks. The first one I had worked fine but the tiny lens became clogged with lint while traveling in my pocket. The second and third ones I had would run out of AAA battery power after snapping only 3-5 photos. This also meant that all photos taken were lost due to the fact that the on-board memory depends on having battery power. My new toy camera has a built-in rechargeable battery that held up fine for today until I filled up the on-board memory with 25 images.

So far I am liking this camera but I am cautiously optimistic since I have been burned by these cheap little gadgets before. I will share more images in the coming days along with some from the expensive rig. It is fun to see that good images can be made with a $20 or even $10 camera when the content is right.


2 comments on “Playing with my new toy”

  1. this shot makes me really want to try my hand at a toy camera!


  2. They are a blast. It is a nice change and it can be a source of inspiration.

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