All-American Thanksgiving

By: Darrell Klein

Nov 22 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography

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Main Terminal – Eagleville, Tennessee

This is not only the main terminal at Russell Puckett Field in Eagleville, Tennessee, it is the only terminal.

This is a shot I grabbed while I was returning from visiting with family on this Thanksgiving Day.  Our family celebrates Thanksgiving in a unique location.  Since we have so many people that get together, we have outgrown the limits of gathering at someone’s house.  Therefore, for the past few years, we have rented out the fire hall at the Unionville Volunteer Fire Department.  It may sound unusual but it has turned out well each year.  They move the firetrucks out so we can use the inside area to set-up tables and chairs for our meal.  I had not thought of it this way before but after telling a co-worker about my family celebrating Thanksgiving in a fire hall, he said “it doesn’t get more American than that”.  The more I think about it, I suppose he is right.

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