This is Nashville #4

By: Darrell Klein

Nov 12 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography


Photo: Dan’s Cafe – Nashville, Tennessee

The official name of this eatery is Dandgure’s Cafeteria. To many locals, it is known as Dan’s Cafe or simply Dan’s. To anyone that has eaten here it is simply good. Nashville might just be the “meat and three” capital of the South and this place is a standout among some pretty stiff competition. My personal favorite is the roast beef but I can honestly say that I have not had anything from Dan’s that I didn’t like. If you live in Nashville and you have not eaten at Dan’s, you better do so soon or you might lose your right to call yourself a Nashvillian. Dan’s is located on Lafayette Street across from Hermitage Lighting Gallery and is open for lunch.

4 comments on “This is Nashville #4”

  1. Glad you chose Dan’s as a subject. This place is a real treat and, as you said, a real slice of Nashville that shouldn’t be passed up.

  2. That sounds like a lunch invitation to me. :)

  3. Love your photographs, I’ll be sure to try Dan’s on my next trip to your town. Thanks!

  4. Nice series. You should get back to it some time.

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