Western Urban Landscape

By: Darrell Klein

Oct 01 2007

Category: Art, Image, photo - no words, photography


Photo:  Lone Boxcar – Missoula, Montana


4 comments on “Western Urban Landscape”

  1. nice shot there… But I think I would have gone a little closer to the train.
    Ohh and there is a little lens flair, sat for such a great picture..

  2. Emil,

    Thank you for checking out my blog and for your feedback regarding this photo. I certainly respect your right to provide criticism of any of my photos. However, I must say that I consider this image successful because I purposely chose not to shoot the rail car close up so as to show just how isolated it was (thus the title “Lone Boxcar”). This is why I shot it with a wide angle lens. Also, the lens flare was intentional.

    Again, I appreciate you taking the time to view my work and even more for taking the time to comment. I understand that my style of photography might not appeal to everyone. If there are elements to my photos that might be considered technical imperfections to some, you can bet that it was either intentional or an accident that I find aesthetically pleasing.

  3. Darrell,
    Ohh, I see your point with showing the loneliness, (Maybe I could learn bit from that..), But I still don’t agree with the lens flare, but of course you have your artistic freedom :P
    And don’t take my criticism to bad, I actually like your pictures very well :D

  4. No worries Emil, I didn’t take the criticism too harshly. I was merely letting you know what I was trying to accomplish with the way I composed this shot. You and I will have to agree to disagree when it comes to the lens flare but that is certainly ok with me. Again, thank you for taking an interest in my work and taking the time to comment. I appreciate it greatly.

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