Photos as transportation

By: Darrell Klein

Sep 24 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography


Photo: Pond and the Missions – Mission Mountain Range, Ronan, Montana

Can a photo be considered a mode of transportation? I think so. Just looking at this photo takes me back to Montana to the place where this photo was taken. I remember the other things I did on the day I shot this image. This might be the most significant thing that my photography does for me. Sure, as time goes on, this photograph will probably not be able to “take” me as close to this day and this location as it can just a couple of weeks removed. However, it will take me closer than I could get without its help.


2 comments on “Photos as transportation”

  1. Sure picture’s take you places, but not the same place for any person who look at it. I for example think of the White Lake in Mongolia, well the lake in your picture is not quite as big, but the surrounding’s are a lot alike.
    The hard thing to is to take a picture that takes each and everyone that look’s at it a nice place!

  2. Picture’s take you places!

    I just saw this blog entry. and the guy is so right, pictures do take you places, well at least for some. Any picture will take the photographer himself, and maybe the model, to this special place. But picture’s that can carry any person to a spe…

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