It has been done before

By: Darrell Klein

Sep 17 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo: St. Mary Lake & Wild Goose Island – Glacier National Park, Montana

It has been done before and I am certain that it will be done again.

The photo above is my take on one of the most photographed areas of Glacier National Park in Montana. Before I went to the park, I knew that this area was one of the most photographed areas but I wanted to go anyway. Once I got there, I was glad I did. This area is so beautiful, words can hardly do it justice. Pictures aren’t much more adequate at portraying the beauty of this location. Yes, many have photographed this area and many more will in time but that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t as well. It would be easy to say that it has all been done before. Maybe it has. However, I felt that I needed to take a small piece of this back home with me. I am sharing that piece with you just as many have done before me and as many that have yet to come will too.

3 comments on “It has been done before”

  1. Don’t worry about a place being done to death. One day someone might say, “but here’s the Darrell Klein take on it”.

  2. I hope you are right Neath. Even if no one ever says it, I can say it to myself I suppose.

  3. usually, if everyone has taken a photo of it, there’s a good reason for it

    beautiful shot

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