Was it worth it?

By: Darrell Klein

Sep 11 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography


Photo: Bitterroot River – Hamilton, Montana

This photo almost cost me my life. Well, that is quite a stretch. However, it did almost cost me two cameras. As you can see from this shot, the Canon 20D lived to take the above photo after it helped break my fall while trying to get to a gravel bar to take a picture of the famed Bitterroot River near Hamilton, Montana.

My wife and I wanted to find a place where we could get close to the river. We found a fishing access area and walked around to find a place where we could safely step down to the water. I started down a dirt embankment and lost my footing. While trying to regain my footing, my momentum carried me forward and I stumbled down to the gravel bar and took a dive into the rocks with a video camera in one hand and my Canon 20D in the other.

I am happy to report that both cameras survived the fall but the video camera took a little work to clean up and put back together. I am also happy to report that I am just fine with just a few battle scars on my left elbow and forearm. And yes, I never even thought twice about going ahead and taking this shot and a few others after the fall. After all, if you are going to pay the price, you better leave with something to show for it. Hopefully tomorrow will be less adventuresome. Of course, nothing good ever comes easily.


4 comments on “Was it worth it?”

  1. Darrell,

    Would you give us permission to use this image as the background to one of our pages at http://www.BitterRootSites.com?

  2. Nice angle/shot. I wish we had more places like that in California!


  3. Tony,

    You have my permission to use this image on one of your pages. If you could give me a photo credit somehow, that would be appreciated. If you need a higher resolution version of this image or one that doesn’t have the black border around it, drop me a line at contact@photosbydk.com.



  4. well worth the hazard! great photo


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