Beat the heat…if you can

By: Darrell Klein

Aug 08 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography

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Photo:  Extra Storage – Nashville, TN

It was another hot day here in Nashville.  The temperature reached just over 100 degrees today.  In fact, at 8:00pm it was still a balmy 96 degrees.  In weather like this, it is almost impossible to enjoy yourself outside.  I am itching to get out with my camera again but this heat is going to have to subside some before I will get out again.  As I get older, I just cannot take the heat like I could when I was younger.  I hope all of you out there are finding ways to stay cool.  Hopefully we will see so me relief soon.


One comment on “Beat the heat…if you can”

  1. Just how old are you anyway?

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