You be the judge

By: Darrell Klein

Aug 06 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo: Intersections (black & white version) – Nashville, TN

As promised, here is the black and white version of the photo I posted yesterday. I am curious as to which version of the image my viewers prefer. I still have not completely decided myself. Please check out the color version here (or simply look at the post below if you are looking at the main page) and let me know which one you prefer by leaving me a comment. Thank you.


5 comments on “You be the judge”

  1. Darrell,
    I’m not sure which one I prefer either. If I had to choose, it would probably be the color. The signs on top of the building are contrasted much better against the blue sky, rather than the almost matching color in B&W. Although the same is true with the signs on the side of the building in B&W. They almost seem drowned with sunlight in the color, but they are much more defined in B&W. Actually, what I first said was true. They are both great images. I hope everyone’s health is a bit better today.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Sean. I still have not decided for myself. You make some very good points here.

  3. Tough call, but I think the colour one gives me a little something extra. I like late afternoon hues and that is red hot!

  4. the color version is way better…how could you not totally love that light?!?

  5. Thanks to all of you for the feedback. It looks like the color image is the shot of choice. I do really like the color image but I am a sucker for black and white.

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