Under the weather

By: Darrell Klein

Aug 05 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo: Intersections – Nashville, TN

It has been sort of a rough weekend at my house. Everyone that lives here has been sick and it has really taken its toll on us. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will find us feeling much better. Due to my being under the weather today, I did not feel up to taking a photo journey. Until next time, I will continue to share more images from my last outing.

I decided to post the color version of this image because I just thought the way the setting sun colored the bricks was too good to not use. However, I did a quick black and white conversion on this shot and it looked good too. I often convert to black and white when the color version seems to be lacking something. This might be a case where either way works. I will post the black and white version in the next day or two and let you, my viewing public be the judge.


5 comments on “Under the weather”

  1. Hope you are all feeling well soon. It sucks being sick.

  2. […] my viewers prefer. I still have not completely decided myself. Please check out the color version here and let me know which one you prefer by leaving me a comment. Thank […]

  3. I prefer this one. Though i really like black and white images, i find it more vibrant. Yes, it is a sinmple capture but there is something within the photo that speaks to its greatness.

  4. the colored version is more dramatic! great color contrast btwn warm and cool colors.

    tina =). @ http://www.PhlogThat.com

  5. Thanks for all of the feedback. The people have spoken and it seems as though the color image is the winner.

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