A photo and a quote for July 21, 2007

Photo: Must be 21 – Jackson, TN

Quote for the day:

Too many photographers try too hard. They try to lift photography into the realm of Art, because they have an inferiority complex about their Craft. You and I would see more interesting photography if they would stop worrying, and instead, apply horse-sense to the problem of recording the look and feel of their own era. -Jessie Tarbox Beals

Now there is some food for thought. I think there are times where I have fallen victim to the act of trying too hard. I find that when I just get out of my own way, that is when my most satisfying work is produced. You will notice that I did not say “when my best work is produced”. Like it or not, that must be left for others to decide. However, I gave up that pursuit long ago. I photograph for myself first and if someone makes a connection with my work, all the better. I am no different from most photographers in that regard. I do want people to like my work. However, it is no longer a requirement for me to derive enjoyment from it on a personal level.


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