Staying close to home

By: Darrell Klein

Jun 29 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography

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Photo: Powered Up – Gladeville, TN by: Darrell Klein

There has been some recent discussion on a photoblog that I check in on from time to time about photographing close to home. I take “close to home” to mean either on your physical property or at least very near to it. Maybe I misunderstood what was meant by “close to home”. The photo above is one of the few photos that I have taken close to home other than the obvious family snapshot.

The problem I have is that my home is not very interesting from a photographic standpoint. I live in an outlying area East of Nashville, TN and I pass by farms with cattle and horses leading up to the neighborhood where I live. However, my neighborhood looks like most other suburban neighborhoods and it doesn’t make for good photography in most cases. I happen to like the image in this post and I am lucky that I did not have to travel at all to capture it.

There are probably some people that would say that the images are there, you just have not tried hard enough to dig them out. Well, those who know me know that I will photograph most anything. My home just doesn’t fit my photographic style. I have no problem with that. Part of what I enjoy about photography as a hobby is the escape that it provides. It is hard to escape when you do not leave.

Another aspect to shooting away from home is the fact that it often gets you into places you have never been to before. I love the exploration that my photography provides for me. I just cannot get that by staying close to home.

If staying close to home works for your photography, I am certainly not trying to say you are wrong for doing so. For me, its just not what I do. My biggest issue lately is that I have not been shooting at all. I have been so busy lately that my hobby has taken a back seat. Hopefully I will get back out there soon. If not, I may run out of new work to share.


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