Pardon Our Mess

By: Darrell Klein

Jun 28 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography

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Photo: Pardon Our Mess – Knoxville, TN by: Darrell Klein

I thought the title of this photo would be an apropriate title for a post on my blog as I get used to my Mac. This transition has been more of a challenge than I expected. The biggest adjustment has been living without Photoshop. I have not yet purchased Photoshop since switching platforms. I have been looking into alternatives to Photoshop but I have just about decided that there are no suitable alternatives for me.

My use of Photoshop barely scratches the surface of its capabilities. However, the features I do use do not seem to exist all together in one place outside of Photoshop. I am currently trying Light Zone and I really like what it can do. However, I do not think I can use it exclusively and I know I cannot afford to invest in Light Zone and Photoshop. It looks like Photoshop may win out again.

So, please pardon my mess as I deal with this period of time without Photoshop. I need to make my decision soon and start heading in that direction.

One comment on “Pardon Our Mess”

  1. one CAN’T live without Photoshop!

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