What it means to me

By: Darrell Klein

May 31 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo:  If This Tractor Could Talk – Unionville, TN

This photo has special meaning for me.  It is speacial to me because of my connection to the subject matter.  The tractor in this photo belonged to my grandfather.  I used to watch him work on this tractor.  In fact, he even let me drive this tractor a time or two.  My grandfather has been gone for over 20 years now but I will never forget him.  This picture helps me remember him even more than the virtual pictures that I have in my mind.  This is what makes this picture special to me.

I put this photo together along with several others and created a special collection of photos.  I put them in a photo book and presented it to my mother as a gift.  I wanted her to be able to remember the place where she grew up since the family farm was about to be sold due to the passing of my grandmother.  She really loved the book I put together for her.  My mother had an even stronger connection than I did to these photos because she spent far more time on this farm than I did.  These photos were certainly special to her.  You can see the remainder of this collection here.

I guess my point in discussing all of this is to say that in order for a photo to make a connection with you, I believe you must make at least some connection with the subject matter.  The level of this connection would almost certainly be in direct correlation to your connection with the subject matter.  It is these photos with which we have a deep connection that will stay with us much longer if not forever.  At least that is my hope with these photos. 


3 comments on “What it means to me”

  1. Darrell,
    These are great shots, and the meaning behind them makes them stand out even more. I’m planning on putting together a similar collection of photos of my grandparents’ old house, which they are in the process of selling.

    As always, very nice work.


  2. Thank for the kind words Sean.

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