A photo and a quote for May 29, 2007

By: Darrell Klein

May 29 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography, quotes



Photo:  Chili – Tumacacori, AZ

Quote for the day:

The enemy of photography is the convention, the fixed rules of ‘how to do’. The salvation of photography comes from the experiment. -Anonymous


4 comments on “A photo and a quote for May 29, 2007”

  1. Darrell, you have presented another interesting set of images over the last few weeks. Sitting here in England I am left with thoughts about peoples faded entrepreneurial activities. Did they make their fortunes? Did they fail? Another thing that strikes me is the number of overhead wires. I am sure that in some time in the future, images like these will provide valubale historical insights into your local industrial and suburban landscapes.

  2. great photo! Something about this really speaks to me.

    I also enjoyed the quote of the day. I’ve been trying to push myself alot lately. I think in the last even 2 weeks I’ve developed a slightly different eye. Experimentation is everything

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys. Colin, I have been noticing the power lines in my images lately as well. I suppose I realized that it was futile to try to avoid them so I have begun to embrace them.

  4. Why try to avoid something that is clearly present? You have set out to follow your own rules and to document your surroundings with passion. It is the WHOLE content of the image that tells the story. Simplification may make a stronger image for the visually illiterate, but in doing so can also become somewhat sterile.

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