By: Darrell Klein

May 28 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography


Photo:  Someday – Joelton, TN

I am sure the owner of this vehicle has big plans to restore this vehicle in all its glory…someday.  What are you saving for that someday?


2 comments on “Someday”

  1. first, fantastic photo Darrell. I really like this

    second, I plan to handmake a replica of a mid-50’s Fender Telecaster. I’m a woodoworker by trade and would love to make beautiful guitars. Even if they don’t play well, they will make greeat wall art

  2. Thanks for the compliment Joseph. I am a guitar player myself (in my non-existent spare time) and even own a Telecaster so I am excited to hear about your desire to make your own guitar. I wish you lots of luck in that endeavor.

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