Not just a spectator sport

By: Darrell Klein

May 17 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography

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Photo:  Pie in the Sky – Jackson, TN

Paul Butzi had an interesting post on his blog yesterday.  This is a subject I have pondered many times myself.

I have certainly noticed that many people view art as a spectator sport and do not allow themselves to participate.  I myself am just the opposite.  I would much rather create art than consume it.  I think so many people could do the same if they would just allow themselves to.  I hear so many people say that there is no way they could create art.  I believe they could but they do not allow themselves to.  This is probably why children enjoy creating art so much.  They have yet to convince themselves or allow someone else to convince them that they are not artists.

It really isn’t that difficult to create art.  You really only need to please yourself to derive enjoyment from it.  All you need to do is find a medium you enjoy and just allow yourself the freedom to create whatever comes from within. 


One comment on “Not just a spectator sport”

  1. but if they would just allow themselves

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