A serious photographer


Photo:  Left for Dead #2 – Jackson, TN

Mark Hobson has a great photography blog that I check into almost daily.  The quote below is from a recent post on his blog made by Royce Howland:

I’ve been a serious photographer, whatever that means, for a couple of years. Lately I’m trying to pull into my work a lot more of the non-technical side of the equation — the art of it, encompassing whatever goes beyond the use of tools and mechanical execution. Technical mastery doesn’t take that long, but all that lies beyond it will take the rest of my life, I guess. – Royce Howland 2007

I can certainly identify with this quote.  Technical proficiency is quite useful if you want to be successful with your photography.  However, I think too many people get hung up trying to acheive this proficiency.  There is so much more lying beyond the technical stuff and I think that too many photographers fall into the trap of trying to achieve technical perfection.  I am not sure that is possible.  When they get hung up on perfection, I feel that they miss out on what matters most, the content of our photographs.


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