Welcome to Tennessee

By: Darrell Klein

May 03 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo:  Welcome to Tennessee – Pinson, TN

Here is another shot from my recent trip to West Tennessee.  This is yet another example of some of the unique work of a southern folk artist.

I really enjoy photographing my home state.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to travel outside the state to a new location.  Getting into unfamiliar surroundings can be very stimulating for my creativity.  However, there are plenty of places here in Tennessee that are just as unfamiliar as somewhere halfway around the globe.  One day, I hope to be able to look back and say that I have covered as much territory as possible here in Tennessee and I have the pictures to prove it. 


2 comments on “Welcome to Tennessee”

  1. We love your blog. Liza says you inspire her. As fellow Tennesseans (even though we are in the very eastern corner), we appreciate and agree with you… there is plenty to photo document here! Keep up the great work. anitamorrell.wordpress.com and dailyart.wordpress.com

  2. Thanks for the knid words and tell Liza I said thank you as well. I appreciate the encouragement. This state is beautiful from end to end in my opinion.

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