Make me an offer

By: Darrell Klein

Apr 25 2007

Category: Art, Image, photo - no words, photography


Photo:  Make Me an Offer – Mt. Juliet, TN


2 comments on “Make me an offer”

  1. Is everythign down there that rust free?!?!?! I’ve heard some stories about southern cars, but oh my god!. That thing would go for a small fortune up here

  2. Well, I cannot say that everything down here in the South is rust free. This truck however is in quite good shape for its age. Since we do not get as much snow as you guys, we consequently do not have as much salt put on our roads which leads to less corrosion. Oddly enough, this truck has been for sale for quite a while so I am sure the owner would love to get an offer. :)

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