Seeing with new eyes

By: Darrell Klein

Apr 10 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo:  Tip of the Hat – Jackson, TN

In yesterday’s post, I talked a little about seeing a familiar place with new eyes.  This can be accomplished by removing mental blocks and restrictions.  Sometimes it is as simple as looking up when before you have only looked down.  The reverse is obviously true as well.  I often find things when I return to a familiar location that I do not see how I missed the first time around.  It is amazing the things we miss when we are so focused on what we are looking for.  We often miss things that are far greater than what we thought we wanted to see in the first place.


2 comments on “Seeing with new eyes”

  1. fantastic shot

    what do you shoot with?

  2. Thanks Joseph. My main camera is a Canon 20D. This shot was taken with my Sigma 10-20mm ultra-wide angle lens. I love the colors and sharpness that this lens produces.

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