Creative Spark

By: Darrell Klein

Apr 08 2007

Category: Art, blogging, Creativity, Image, photography

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Photo:  ARK – Mt. Gilead, TN

This past weekend, I went to West Tennessee with my wife to visit with her family for the Easter Holiday.  Of course, I took the camera with me to see if I could get the creative juices flowing during some of the down time.  I was in need of some new images for my blog.  My blogging has done wonders for my creative motivation but time has been in short supply lately. 

I was quite pleased with the images that I captured while on this trip.  I went to some parts of my home state that I had never been to before.  I also revisited some places that I had photographed before but I returned with new eyes.  I will be sharing the images over the course of the next several days.  I am sure that I will also have a thing or two to talk about from my experiences on this trip.  Stay tuned for more.


One comment on “Creative Spark”

  1. Love the drive-in and old sign shots. Bet you did find some great stuff on your Easter drive. Will be checking in this week. BTW, Liza says thanks. So do I for your comments. Anita

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