Character of the Rural Landscape

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 29 2007

Category: Art, Image, photography

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Photo:  Brown Grocery – Shelbyville, TN

As regular readers of my blog know, I use the term landscape photography in a different context from what most people would consider traditional landscape photography.  I have a little different twist to my landscape photography.  Enough about labels but I would classify this photo as a rural landscape. 

Buildings like this one have so much character.  Couldn’t you just imagine the stories this building could tell if only it could talk.  Also, just imagine the stories that have been told by the building’s visitors.


One comment on “Character of the Rural Landscape”

  1. When I grew up we’d regularly shuttle between Cheney and Spokane, Washington — lived in Cheney, everything else was in Spokane. Sixteen miles, roughly ten minutes on state highway 904 and then another twenty on I-90. Sitting in the backseat, my favorite sites were always (1) the abandoned garage sitting aside the access road paralleling the freeway and (2) Hagel’s House of Horrors, deserted eleven months out of the year, only coming to life in October to scare kids.

    I never stopped at either one. Thanks for bringing them back.


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