Local 259 Revisited

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 23 2007

Category: Art, Creativity, Image, photography


Photo:  Local 259 – Jackson, TN

Yesterday, I posted a black and white version of this photo.  Joseph Buffett, who is a regular visitor and commenter on my blog, asked if I had a version of this image in color.  Therefore, I decided to post the color version of the image today so I could get feedback on which version my blog viewers like better.

As I explained in my response to Joseph’s comment, I chose to convert this image to black and white because I did not like the color of the brick on the building this sign was attached to.  I thought it was quite drab.  I often chose to convert images to black and white when I like the content of an image but do not like the colors that exist in the scene.  For me, black and white is a good way to simplify a scene when the content is right but the colors leave something to be desired.  I was torn with this image however because I like the texture of the different colors that exist in the sign itself.  For this aspect of the image, I prefer the color version.

I welcome your feedback on this image.  Which version of the image do you like better and why?


5 comments on “Local 259 Revisited”

  1. Darrell, you definitely have an eye for photography. Good composition.

  2. Love this one. dirty gritty saturated with rust. fabulous.

  3. This really works in color. Great shot too.

  4. Well, it looks like the color version might be the winner here. Maybe I was wrong about the brick color. I would like to see more votes though. Thanks to those of you that have contributed to the discussion of this image.

  5. I like it! but I do agree. I find the colour of the brick to be distracting. It almost looks too new compared to everything else in the photo

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