Who thinks of this stuff?

Photo:  Crossed Wires – Nashville, TN

In a previous post, I shared some of the terms that visitors entered into search engines to find my blog.  Since that time, I have taken note of some new search terms that are even more unusual to me than the ones shared earlier.  Here they are:

* trash to treasure mirror “pictures”

* you want to know about my open door policy

* is it because you see the fire in my eye

…and my two personal favorites:

* artists who use hair in their work


Where do people come up with these and more importantly, how do they connect people to my blog?  Actually it is a fun exercise to go to Google and try these terms to see how my site is found using these terms.  It is usually that the words in the search term appear separately on the page in several different posts.  Nevertheless, it has entertainment value.  If the strange terms keep popping up, I will continue to share them.  Feel free to share any of you favorites from your blog.

3 comments on “Who thinks of this stuff?”

  1. Looks like yours are more entertaining than mine. And just about everything I see can be linked to the blog.

  2. […] as I have done in the past, I am going to share some of the unusual or humorous search terms that people type into search […]

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