Is the grass really greener?

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 19 2007

Category: Art, blogging, Image, photography


Photo:  This Old House #3 – Nashville, TN

This Old House #4

Photo:  This Old House #4 – Nashville, TN

Since I started blogging earlier this year, I have been looking at more photography on the internet than ever before.  As I look at the work of photographers from other parts of the country I live in and from around the world, I often find myself wishing I lived somewhere more photogenic.  However, just when I am ready to give up on the area where I live, I find something that renews my love for photographing my hometown.  I suppose the old saying is right.  The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Most likely, if I lived elsewhere, I would quickly tire of my choies for scenery to photograph.  I imagine that some people look at my images and have the same thoughts as I do.  We always seem to want what someone else has.

I am going to make every effort to appreciate the places I do have to photograph in my hometown.  Every hometown is unique in its own way and I need to keep working hard to bring that to the people that view my photographs.  In other words, I need to quit complaining and get out and shoot. 

2 comments on “Is the grass really greener?”

  1. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I’m constantly feeling like there is nothing in my town to photograph…until I look around. Sometimes I forget to simply open my eyes and look for what I want

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