Over 2000 Served

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 14 2007

Category: Art, blogging, Image, photography

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Photo:  Fill in the Blank – Hermitage, TN

Today’s photo is of a blank billboard located in the area of town where I grew up.  I loved the textures in the panels of the billboard set against a near perfect blue sky with just a hint of clouds for good measure.

By the time this blog entry is posted, I will have passed 2000 total views on this blog. I know there are blogs that get this much traffic in one day.  However, I consider that quite successful since this blog is only a little more than two months old.  My readership has grown quite a bit in recent weeks and I just want to say thank you for stopping in to see what I am up to.  Also, thanks to those of you who check the site regularly and leave comments.  Your feedback is important to me and I appreciate the kind words that you have to say about my images.  It is very motivating to know that someone besides only me is getting something out of my work.  A special thanks is in order for those of you that have added me to your blogroll.

Thanks again and I hope I am keeping it interesting for you.  As you can tell from my posts, I am not a man of a whole lot of words most days but I hope that the words that I do have are adding some sort of value.  Good day and for all of you fellow photographers, keep on shooting.


One comment on “Over 2000 Served”

  1. That’s great! I think I had like 200 views at the same point in time.

    This shot reminded me of this set over at Polar Inertia.



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