Being selective

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 11 2007

Category: Art, photography


In a comment on a recent post on this blog, “neath” talked about being selective when out taking photographs instead of just snapping away.  As was mentioned in the comment, it is totally affordable to click the shutter to your heart’s content if you shoot digital.  I however have not adopted this approach.  I am not here to say that approach is wrong, just that it doesn’t work for me.

Back when I shot film, I could not afford to just fire away and hope I came back with something useful.  Because of this, I was forced to take my time to make sure that I could make my idea come to life with as few shutter clicks as possible.  I have carried this over into my digital shooting and I feel that this approach is still useful.

When I first started shooting digital, I threw caution to the wind and clicked away without fear of the cost of developing bad images.  My thought process at the time was to play the law of averages.  I assumed that the more images I took, the higher the number of keepers.  However, what I soon realized was that I often returned with few or no keepers because I was not taking the time to setup the shot and missed my vision altogether.

I do feel like I take advantage of the freedom that digital offers.  I just do it a little smarter than I used to.  Overall, I take more snaps than I did with film but I still try to slow down a little to make sure I come back with exactly what I want, or as close to it as possible. 


5 comments on “Being selective”

  1. I still like to shoot film whenever possible. I will admit that I shoot much more haphazardly with the digital, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Why keep track of how many shots you’ve burned off? Just have fun shooting and trying to evolve as a photographer! It’s such a fun hobby..I don’t care what I’m shooting with, as long as I’m happy with what I’m getting

  2. p.s. great shot! I love the subtle colours!

  3. Hey Joseph, if it works for you, I say stick with it. Like I said in the post, I am not here to say what is right or wrong for anyone else. I just know what works for me. You are right, it is a very fun hobby. I think part of that is due to the fact that something permanent is created from this hobby. I haven’t had too many hobies in the past that I could say that about.

  4. I personally shot digital and love it. You get instant feedback and you become in my opinion a better photographer in a shorter period of time. But I would agree that you must be selective in what you are shooting and how it is framed. You shouldn’t just go around taking a bunch of pictures just because you can. A picture is worth a thousand words so you must tell a good story with your picture. Not go around shooting random things. I think you should always ask yourself “why am I shooting this particular shot” what makes this interesting and set apart from other photos.

    Also thank you for stopping by my blog. It is appreciated!!!!!

  5. Thanks for adding to the discussion. I like your point about asking why before taking a shot. Thank you as well for checking in on my blog. It is appreciated here too.

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