How did you find me?

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 10 2007

Category: Art, blogging, photography, search engines


Photo:  Urban Ruins #1 – Nashville, TN

In a recent post on his blog, photographer Paul Butzi listed some of the more amusing terms that searchers typed into search engines to get to his blog.  I decided that I would do the same.  Below are the three that I found to be the most interesting for my blog.

 – may you always be my worst critic

 – i am doing because

and my favorite to date…

 – what is the thing to improve my eye hair

I don’t know what that thing could possibly be but when you find it, please let me know because I have some unruly eye hair that could sure use some improvement.  :)

What are some of the weirdest search terms that have shown up on your admin. page?  Please share by leaving a comment.


3 comments on “How did you find me?”

  1. There have been a few, but unfortunately wordpress doesn’t have an archive. The only one I remember is ‘chaotic soul’ or something like that.

  2. the most amuzing for me was “pretend photographers”. I guess it shouldn’t surprise me that it brought them to my page, but the fact that someone was looking for someone “pretend” gave me a chuckle

  3. […] a previous post, I shared some of the terms that visitors entered into search engines to find my blog.  Since that […]

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