Proceed With Caution

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 06 2007

Category: Art, photography


Photo:  Proceed With Caution – Nashville, TN

This image is another from my outing this past weekend.  For some reason I seem to be drawn to barricades and markers of this type.  For this shot, it was the sun beaming off the cone making it glow orange and the sharp angle of the shadow that got my attention.  I suppose this cone was protecting the pile of wheel stops that are visible behind it.  Proceed with caution.


4 comments on “Proceed With Caution”

  1. I like this photo alot! great use of colour!

    It’s kinda neat to see recent photos taken outdoors that don’t have a ton of snow in them…must be nice lol

  2. Thanks for the compliment Joseph. Yeah, the weather has been nice here lately. In fact, today was sunny and around 70 degrees.

  3. Wow, that really pops out. Superb composition too. I have a few cone shots in queue too :P

  4. I like this. I like the OOF mayhem. Colours are good.

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