Wow…and check this out

By: Darrell Klein

Mar 01 2007

Category: photo - no words, photography


Photo:  Wow – Louisville, KY

After you have checked out my photo for the day, check out a photographer that I recently discovered through blogging.

I have previously discussed how blogging has helped motivate me to take more photos and take photography more seriously.  However, another benefit has been discovering some good photography and photographers that I might not have experienced otherwise.  And they say the internet is a waste of time.


3 comments on “Wow…and check this out”

  1. Haha you are too kind
    that is quite the graffiti, great shot!
    Its weird, old, deteriorating objects are so much more interesting than newer stuff

  2. It’s unusual grafitti…I enjoy the color.

  3. Thanks for sharing the link to Mackography – good stuff!

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