No Home Ice Advantage

By: Darrell Klein

Feb 10 2007

Category: photography

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Photo:  Look, a Cable Car – Tucson, AZ 

With the stretch run toward the NHL playoffs coming soon, I thought I would throw a hockey twist to the title of this post.  However, this is a photo blog and not a blog about hockey so let’s get back to business.   

I feel like I do my most productive photography when I am traveling and away from home.  I am not saying I don’t like the images I take at home or that the images I take while traveling are generally better.  What I am saying is, I think I come back with a higher quantity of images and a higher percentage of keepers when I am on the road.  Now comes the question of why might this be?  Of course, I have some thoughts on that. 

When I am in a place that I have not been before and I am there with a camera, I really get focused on the possible photo opportunities that are there before me.  There are times when I can achieve that level of focus here at home but it is more difficult.  This is largely due to the day-to-day responsibilities that come with family, and work.  While I am traveling, I am able to devote a larger portion of time to photography than I ever could while at home. 

There is also another factor that I feel is a hindrance to my photography here at home.  When I am here at home, I do not carry my camera with me as often as I should.  This is certainly not the case when I travel.  The thing is, I am not sure I really realize how many images this has cost me because I sometimes turn off my photo radar when I don’t have my camera.  This is an area where I want to improve this year and I am already taking steps to do so. 

Finally, there is the “I can take that photograph another day” syndrome that is present when in my hometown.  When I am traveling, I adopt the mindset that I may never be back in this location again in my life.  Chances are, that will be the case more often than not.  This sense of urgency fosters an intense focus on my surroundings.  Now, if I could only bottle that focus and bring it back home with me, I would have it made. 

George Barr had a post on his blog a while back about the very same subject.  Interestingly, he feels just the opposite of me.  Go check it out to read a different perspective.


One comment on “No Home Ice Advantage”

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