Crop Talk

By: Darrell Klein

Feb 08 2007

Category: photography


Photo:  Arches – Nogales, Mexico

There have been some recent posts on George Barr’s blog like this one and an entry on the Luminous Landscape website about cropping.  After reading these, I have realized that I accept what was caught in my viewfinder more often than I probably should.  I would say that standard paper sizes have as much to do with my choice in aspect ratios as anything else. 

With the image above, I threw everything else to the wind and tried to make the image as strong as I could by only leaving in what made the image stronger.  As much as I try to crop in the viewfinder, I cannot expect that the best shot of a scene will always fit the aspect ratio of my camera’s sensor. 

I am going to make an effort to strengthen my images by cropping more often when I feel that it will improve the final product.  I suppose this is just another stepping stone in my development in the craft.


4 comments on “Crop Talk”

  1. FANTASTIC shot. People never really show the beauty of Mexico’s border-towns in photos.

    Great perspective; the two red doors make the frame interesting.



  2. Color schemes are so flat these days. What a nice change!

    European cities are full of legacy buildings. Wondrous just to wander the streets looking for novelty.

    Got to get back there someday.


  3. Nice shot; I like how all the archways are the same, but the two in the foreground are painted red, making them the centre of attention. They really make the shot.

    Your comments on cropping are interesting…when I crop my photos, I’ll almost always keep them with a 4×6 aspect ratio (with the very occasional square). It’s probably just what I’m used to, but I find other aspect ratios look odd (in part, I think, because they -look- cropped).

  4. Thanks for the comments on this photo. I wonder if the comments would have been as good if I hadn’t cropped the image. I have to agree with the comment by dshpak as some aspect ratios don’t work for me either. If I do crop, it is usually very little or to a square aspect ratio.

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