Like going somewhere new

By: Darrell Klein

Feb 03 2007

Category: photography

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Tennessee received a rare snowfall yesterday so I grabbed the camera on my way out to work to see what I could find to shoot.  Yes, this is what passes for a snowfall around here.  There is just something about snow and how it changes a scene you may have seen many times before.  I noticed things on my drive in yesterday that I had not paid much attention to before.

There are several reasons that snow inspires me photographically.  First, it can simplify a scene by removing detail with the ground cover in a scene.  It can also create more dramatic contrast than what we are used to seeing.  As mentioned above, it seems to heighten my awareness and make me take notice.  This opens up new photo opportunities.  Lastly, it can totally change a scene that you have photographed before so it is like going somewhere you have never been before.

Whatever the reason, I am going to make sure to carry my camera with me every time it snows this year.  Unfortunately for us Tennesseans, I will not get too many chances. 


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