My own worst critic

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 31 2007

Category: photography


photo:  Click Clinic by Darrell Klein 

In yesterday’s post, I talked about returning from trips and not feeling too confident in the photos I have taken.  I think that some of this may be due to the fact that I am often my own worst critic.  I often find myself thinking that my best photos were taken long ago and what I am doing now just doesn’t measure up to what I have done in the past.  Needless to say, this is not a comforting feeling.

The more I think about it, I am starting to think that it just takes time for the photos to warm me up to them if that makes sense.  I just need some time to view them without the pressure to have “the shot”.  It’s almost as though the time that passes makes them less my photos and more like someone else’s photos that I can appreciate without the attachment that an artist places on their work. 

This is something that I hope I can get over in time.  If not, at least it is working for me now even if I have to wait a while to appreciate my work.


2 comments on “My own worst critic”

  1. I see you like signs :-)

    I agree on letting the pictures sit for a few weeks. When returning from a shoot, I tend to have preconceptions about which pictures I expect to be good, which ones are bad, and, most importantly, what sort of pictures I was expecting to get. On my first scan through, I’m almost always disappointed. But if I take another look a few months, weeks, or even days later, I have a fresh mindset and can almost always pick out a bunch of keepers.

  2. So, you noticed that I like signs. :) Was it that obvious? :)

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