Let’s be honest

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 24 2007

Category: photography

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Paul Butzi, on his Photo Musings blog, had an interesting post about the types of photos he chooses not to take.  The post generated several responses including this comment that really got me to thinking.


4.      What kind of person you are and what you photograph do not always coincide. Our professions do not always match our characters. It’s not that easy.Just because you want to be a nice person and not hop a fence doesn’t make you any better or worse of a photographer. What it does is separate us when it comes to our career. If I am willing to take chances, even if it’s not in my character, I may (although I may not) be the better choice for editors or whomever wants your photos.Comment by Jonathan Greenwald — January 23, 2007 @ 12:59 pm  

I don’t see how people think they can separate who they are in their chosen profession and who they think they really are away from work.  The character, or lack therof, shown at work is a true reflection of who you are no matter how much you try to convince yourself or others to the contrary.  If it weren’t in at least part of your character, you would not have these traits to call upon in performing your duties at work.

Sure, a photographer that would do as Mr. Greenwald suggests might advance further in his career than a photographer with the ethics of Mr. Butzi.  Our society does reward the “risk taker”.  I agree with Mr. Greenwald that a nice photographer is not necessarily a better photographer but I would argue that he is the better person.  That is nothing more than my opinion though.  If you are fine with being the “risk taker”, I suppose I don’t have a problem with you.  All I ask it that you own it as an indication of your true character.


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