What the heck is he doing?

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 21 2007

Category: photography

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To many of you photographers out there, the subjects of my photographs probably don’t seem that unusual.  However, I have discovered that to many people, my choice of subject matter seems odd.  Many times while I am out shooting, I will get the strangest looks from people.  They seem to be puzzled as to why I am taking a photo of the object that my camera appears to be pointed at.  The photo above earned me a few weird looks as I set up the shot.

This is something that I have had to learn to deal with.  I know that you might be thinking “why should you care”.  That is true but sometimes it draws the wrong kind of attention.  Since 9/11, people are more suspicious of anyone with a camera, even more-so someone that seems to be taking “unusual” photos.  Unfortunately, this is now part of the photographer’s reality unless you only shoot in a studio.

Maybe I should start to return the strange looks.  Well, maybe I should just stick to a friendly wave.


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