Go away!

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 21 2007

Category: photography


A couple of weeks ago, I wished for rain so I could try some experiments.  Now I am ready for it to go away.  Due to my work schedule, the weekends are just about my only opportunity for photo treks this time of year.  I was busy most of yesterday so that only left this afternoon.  The rain was not welcomed today but it came anyway.  I have a new lens that is burning a hole in my camera bag but I have only had limited opportunities to use it since it was delivered a couple of weeks ago.  Careful what you wish for I guess.

I was able to get a few snaps in today between the time the rain finally stopped and darkness fell.  The photo above is one of those snaps.  I will share more in the days ahead.


2 comments on “Go away!”

  1. You are really in a groove right now, huh? The Hinge shot is just about my favorite of your catalog, although I’m sure you will soon have me changing my mind soon enough. That’s alright with me though….keep ’em coming!!!

  2. love reading this blog. keep up the good work :)

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