Trying something different

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 17 2007

Category: photography

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I have decided that I would like to take my creativity to the next level.  The image above is an example of my new willingness to try some different things with the way I post process my photos.  Tack sharp images with perfect lighting and colors certainly have their place.  We as photographers should certainly not abandon this type of image processing when it is called for.  However, I want to free myself to try some experiments like this image so I can add to the mood and emotion of the photo.

I think it is important to allow yourself some room for creative expression with the tools you use for your art.  Photoshop should be no exception.  Not experimenting with your tools can become too much like painting by numbers if you are not careful.  I realize that some may reject this image but I am going to keep on experimenting with my tools.  I hope that you will allow yourself that same freedom.


One comment on “Trying something different”

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

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