I like mine older.

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 11 2007

Category: photography


You may have noticed that the subjects of the photos on my blog and at my website are typically not of bright, new and shiny things.  It is difficult for me to be certain as to why but I seem to gravitate toward subjects that are old and dirty.  I would much rather take some snaps of an old, rusty car sitting on blocks than of a shiny new sports car.

Perhaps I am drawn to these aged subjects because I am afraid that they might not be there the next time I am passing through.  I have actually had this happen before.  In fact, this photo of a light fixture outside of a church here in Nashville caught my eye one day.  I almost didn’t stop to photograph it but I am glad I did.  A couple of weeks later, I passed by the same church only to find that the fixture had been replaced with a shiny new one that looked very out of place on the old and dirty exterior of the building.

I often find scenes that I would like to photograph but do not because there is a new shiny object in the middle of the scene that is spoiling the shot.  There are times where I find myself wondering if today’s new vehicles and architecture will be appealing to photographers twenty or thirty years from now.  Also, I wonder if these old and run-down subjects I find appealing today would have caught my eye if I had been around when they were new.  Who knows?  All I know is that I enjoy these subjects and I will continue to shoot them until what is new becomes old and catches my eye.


2 comments on “I like mine older.”

  1. I hear ya, Man! I ve been photographing “old and dirty” for many years and I don’t make a living at it, but I seem to remain driven. If anything has changed I just don’t question it too much anymore .


  2. Thanks for the comment neath. Here’s to keeping it old and dirty. I checked out your blog and really enjoyed the photos you have there. Railroad photography has always been an interest of mine so I particularly enjoyed those shots. I will add your blog to my blogroll.

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