Who needs a process?…right?

By: Darrell Klein

Jan 10 2007

Category: photography

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In a recent post on his blog, photographer Paul Butzi described his process, or lack thereof, for selecting the subjects he photographs. 


After reading the post, I realized that this is almost exactly the same process that I use.  It has often bothered me but I certainly feel better after reading this article.  There have been times that this approach has caused me to go on a photo trek but come back empty handed.  However, there have been other times where I think it allowed me to go in a direction that I had never thought of before. 

I discovered that I often took photos of similar subjects without really realizing it.  I certainly did not set out with a goal of a certain subject in mind.  However, once I realized it, I started to put together a collection of these like subjects.  In fact, I entered them into a show that was sponsored by the photography group of which I am a member.  I had people compliment my photographs before but never like this.  Several of the working pros in the group commented more favorably toward my photographs than they ever had before.  They specifically mentioned how my selection of photographs in the show had a cohesive theme whereas the prior year it was really just a few random selections.

This has caused me to think more in terms of collections than I ever did before.  However, I still do not force the issue.  I will keep going out and shooting whatever catches my eye.  The collection will come on its own in due time I suppose.

The photo in this post is from the collection that I started for the photography group show.  Please see the remainder of the collection on my gallery website at:   http://photosbydk.smugmug.com/gallery/1556389

Leave me a comment and let me know about your creative process.

Also, if you live in the Nashville, TN area and are interested in checking out a photography group check out the website for the Society of Nashville’s Artistic Photographers at:  http://www.snapnashville.org/.


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